Food Finds: Sakura Matcha Kit Kats

{ Friday, May 14, 2010 }
A few weeks ago my coworker returned from Osaka bearing treats.  She slid a Sakura Matcha Kit Kat, packaged in an adorable pink and green box, across my desk, and I immediately wondered why candy from the States wasn't nearly as cute.

In keeping with the color scheme, this Kit Kat was green, and while eating chocolate that's the color of moss might seem slightly off-putting, never fear.  I assure you that it's quite delicious and the subtle taste of green tea is absolutely delicious.

And if you think sakura matcha is an odd flavor, then you haven't seen the other Kit Kat flavors Japan has to offer.  NPR recently sampled some of them, so if you crave flavor combinations in Kit Kat and cantaloupe, well, you just got incredibly lucky.


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